A Social Rewards Platform to Make a Difference

Hometownplus is a digital organisation that is developing a Social Rewards System to help community groups achieve financial independence and self-governance. Our wish is for each and every community group to be able to function efficiently and productively for the benefit of the members they serve. Our aim is to provide them with the means to measure their effectiveness and impact, generate sustainable new revenues and develop exciting new partnerships with businesses that want to support the valuable work that they do.

Debt-free living is one of the major keys to health, wealth and happiness, which is why we are developing software to help community-organisations produce savings and generate income for those individuals and businesses that are willing to work together for the common good. Being more financially sustainable will enable individuals and community groups become more independent and better equipped to solve their own problems, without the costly interference of others. Our aim is to help business help community help people help themselves.

Prototyping and testing since 2007, Hometownplus has been developing its idea for a Social Rewards System and now we have attracted private investors that are interested in growing the business further and faster. In addition we are developing a partnership with a technology company that will develop the software we need to encourage, motivate and incentivise entire communities to connect, share and trade.

For us, community-life is about proving that you give more than you take.

It is this proof that we believe has the potential to become the transparent and simple new way to evidence social impact / CSR / social value / contribution – call it what you will – we just call it ‘giving.

Business is nothing to be afraid of if it can prove that it’s doing some good. If it can’t, well it isn’t. But we’ll give them the tools so they can. If you can help is then get in touch with me, Mike Riddell.

Mike Riddell – founder of Hometownplus.